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Rolling Stones: Let's Spend the Night Together with Online Event
In news as sweet as brown sugar, Neulion announces a pay-per-view live stream of the Rolling Stones anniversary concert with DVR features.
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You can't always get what you want, such as great seats to the Rolling Stones 50th anniversary concert taking place Saturday, December 15 (with special guests Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga, and the Black Keys). The best seats were $750, which might leave your holiday shopping budget shattered and give fans their 19th nervous breakdown.

Those fans aren't out of time, though, as online streaming is offering an emotional rescue. The concert will be available as a pay-per-view event on cable and satellite, and, in something of a first, it will be available on digital devices including desktops, notebooks, smart phones, and tablets. The news should have excited home viewers jumpin', Jack. Flash video will be used to stream to desktops, while HLS streams will be used for iOS mobile devices. Adjustable bit rate delivery should ensure a buffer-free experience.

Powering the global digital distribution is Neulion, the New York City-based videos services platform that manages video delivery for a number of sports leagues (including the NFL, NBA, and NHL) and other customers. Subscribers will be able to use an instant replay feature to rewatch favorite moments, and connect with their social networks through the concert interface. There's no need to be waiting on a friend, as subscribers can chat while watching the concert.

For an overview of the plan, we spoke with Chris Wagner, Neulion's executive vice president, who said that wild horses couldn't keep him away from this concert. We interviewed him last week at the VideoNuze conference where he was a speaker. Watch the full interview in the video below.

Fans can access the "One Last Shot" concert digital pay per view directly from and It's only rock 'n roll, but U.S. viewers can watch it for $39.95. The memories will not fade away quickly, as the price includes on-demand viewing for 30 days. 

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