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Kaltura Partners With Yospace and SpotX on Streaming TV Ads
The company's Cloud TV service gains the ability to deliver in-feed TV-like ads to advanced demos selected by the advertiser.

Kaltura is bolstering its Cloud TV service by partnering with Yospace and SpotX on an advanced advertising option. Through the partnership, Yospace will provide dynamic server side ad insertion (SSAI), which offers a smooth, TV-like stream to viewers. SpotX will provide the ad decisioning, letting advertisers target the demographics they're most interested in.

Kaltura says the combined system will deliver targeted ads to viewers on any device, and adds that its offering is both modular and scalable. Clients will be able to view ad performance through detailed metrics, and adjust their ad placements, if needed. The company will show the ad solution at its Hall 14 booth during IBC.

Yospace put out its own statement about its partnership with SpotX, which it clearly wants to bring to more platforms that just Kaltura. The partnership of targeting and SSAI lets publishers maximize their CPM rates, Yospace says, while maintaining strong fill rates.

“Our partnership with SpotX blends robustness at scale, as demanded by major broadcasters, with the wealth of user engagement opportunities opened up by online streaming," says Tim Sewell, CEO of Yospace. "Such developments are critical to the digital strategies of broadcasters and advertisers alike to safeguard and enhance ad revenues in a streaming-first age.”

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