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How Important Are Completion Rates, Asks TubeMogul Report
While advertisers are concerned with completion rates for their online video ads, is that a measure of ad effectiveness?

Completion rates are a popular measurement for online video advertisers, but how important are they when measuring overall ad effectiveness? That's one of the questions examined in a quarterly research report released by TubeMogul.

The answer is that completion rates are an excellent measurement. Using its BrandSights survey technology, TubeMogul found that brand messages were remembered at a much higher rate when viewers finished the entire ad: 20.5 percent of those who completed an ad remembered the brand message, compared to 8.3 percent of those who only watched part of the ad. Similarly, brand awareness grew by 6.9 percent for those who viewed the full ad, compared to 3.5 percent for those who saw only part of the ad.

The report looks at which sites have the best completion rates for their video ads. TubeMogul divided content providers into four tiers, with tier one sites as major broadcasters, tier two as sites with high-quality content providers, and tier three and four sites as niche or long-tail destinations. It found that tier one sites have the highest completion rates (84.9 percent this quarter), followed by tier three and four sites, and then tier two sites (which had completion rates of only 70.7 percent this quarter).

Finally, the report finds that CPM (cost per thousand impressions) rates were flat in this quarter for U.S. pre-roll ads. While there's rising demand for pre-roll, TubeMogul says it was offset by high growth in the available inventory.

Download the free report for more conclusions, including data on real-time bidding.

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