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Gartner Releases 2018 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Video
Five vendors—Brightcove, MediaPlatorm, Kaltura, Panopto, and Qumu—are ranked as leaders in the latest version of the quadrant.
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The researchers at Gartner have released the latest magic quadrant for enterprise video content management solutions, and this time Brightcove, MediaPlatorm, Kaltura, Panopto, and Qumu have emerged as leaders. Panopto, Kaltura, IBM, and MediaPlatform are making copies of the graphic (which is not permitted to reproduce) available online.

A magic quadrant ranks players by their "completeness of vision" and "ability to execute," then divides the graph into four quarters called leaders, challengers, visionaries, and niche players. Excelling in both areas puts a company into the leader space.

"Enterprise video content management is a mature market in which vendors compete to support the delivery of video, on demand, and live broadcast of events," the report says. "Our assessment of the market’s 13 key vendors will help application leaders to make the best choice for their organization’s digital workplace."

Gartner last released a magic quadrant for enterprise video in 2016. At the time, Brightcove, Kaltura, MediaPlatform, Panopto, and VBrick made the cut as leaders.

For the 2018 quadrant, MovingImage, IBM, VBrick, and Sonic Foundry all ranked as challengers, and no companies ranked as visionaries. Ranked as niche players are Vidizmo, Genus Technologies, Haivision, and KZO Innovations.

“We believe that Gartner is trusted by the IT innovators and decision-makers who evaluate solutions like ours, so it is especially gratifying to be recognized as a leader in this report," says Mike Newman, CEO of MediaPlatform.

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