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Sponsors Feature Ensures that Online Videos Are Viewable
Advertisers can look to's Certified Viewability feature to make sure their ads are getting strong page placement.

Not every video play is a video view, something that advertisers know all too well. Sometimes videos ads are played "below the fold" or by screensavers that go unwatched. For advertisers looking for actual eyeballs, it's a waste of money. Online video advertising company is working to solve the problem with its Certified Viewability feature, announced today.

Certified Viewability uses proprietary technology to make sure that all video ads are actually viewable by an end user. It monitors where ads are located on a page, and confirms the size of the video player. It also gives ad buyers the choice to target only viewable impressions, blocking unviewable plays in real-time.

How big is the problem of poor viewability? cites a comScore finding that 31 percent of ads are never viewed. That statistic is a bit misleading, as it comes from a January 2012 study of display ads, not video ads. The problem of poor viewability is probably not as great with video ads, but certainly it exists. is offering the feature to agencies, publishers, and networks for free, so that their advertisers are confident that they're getting a good value. It's also letting new customers try the feature free for six months. 

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