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42% Won't Spend Over $20 Per Month on Streaming Subscriptions
A survey from Phenix finds that many households keep their streaming budgets low, and suggests poor-quality live streaming is the reason why.
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There's been a lot of data about the growing number of households subscribing to multiple subscription services per month, but a report by Phenix looks at the other side of that spectrum. According to the report's findings, 42 percent of adults in the U.S. would only be willing to spend from $1 to $20 per month on streaming services. This limits them to two selections.

For Phenix, improving the reliability of live streaming is the best way for video services to stand out. The slim report finds that 40 percent of Americans won't live stream any content in 2018, but approximately 13 percent would do so more often if latency wasn't an issue. Phenix offers a live streaming technology that relies on peer-assisted (i.e. peer-to-peer) connections.

Noting the popularity of live broadcasts, the report says 49 percent of those surveyed want to view content as it happens, and 7 percent fear having their shows ruined by next-day spoilers.

"With 40 percent of people not planning to live stream this year, in large part because of latency problems, content providers would be wise to review their technology to understand what needs to be done to power a proper real-time user experience that virtually eliminates latency and is therefore able to provide the interactive viewing experience consumers are seeking," says Stefan Birrer, co-founder and CEO of Phenix. "This could be the differentiator for providers, giving them the ability to attract the 60 percent of people who plan to live stream this year over other platforms, and entice the other 40 percent of people who aren’t totally sold on live streaming yet.”

Phenix's results come from an online YouGov survey of 1,128 adults in the U.S. For more results, download "The Streaming Wars: The Future of Streaming" for free (no registration required).

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