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Track HTML5 Video Viewing with MeFeedia
Tool offers a real-time view of HTML5 engagement across a range of devices.

People using MeFeedia's All Player video advertising platform now have a useful free tool for measuring HTML5 video viewing in real-time. Today, the company is launching a video analytics suite for HTML5, letting clients track viewing across the entire spectrum of devices, from desktop computers to the Apple iPad to the upcoming Google TV.

The analytics tool is broken into five sections—Summary, Recent, Popular, Devices, Videos, and Channels—and the results can be broken down by web address. Clients are able to track viewing of a single video or a whole library, and are able to determine which devices the videos are viewed on.

Other useful tools include the ability to draw notes directly on the graphs; download CSV, XLS, and XML files; and view results on an iPad.

The All Player advertising platform lets clients insert video and graphic ads into any type of video on any player or platform. The company announced support for HTML5 video one day before the iPad's launch. The platform served over 50 million video ads last month.

"Consumers are increasingly watching video on all screens, from laptops to smartphones, desktops to TVs," says Frank Sinton, CEO of MeFeedia. "With a cross-platform look at what, how, and where content is being watched-in real-time-advertisers and publishers can immediately react to the changing demands of consumers and clients."

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