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Float Left Interactive's 2015 View From The Top
Tom Schaeffer, CEO, Float Left Interactive, Inc.

2015 has been an exciting year for digital video publishing. We’ve witnessed tremendous growth as broadcasters and publishers adopt new strategies to accommodate a fast growing segment of media consumer - one that expects to consume content anywhere at anytime, and on any device. In order to be successful, businesses must have a firm understanding of the technology required to deliver a best-in-class video service in a highly competitive arena. It’s a complex ecosystem of cross-platform apps and features, third-party service integrations, video delivery, monetization, and comprehensive analytics that create the most effective services. At the heart of any service are consumer-facing TV apps that deliver a rich and interactive experience which drives viewership. The apps bind all of the pieces together in way that creates tremendous value to the publisher while providing the best experience for the consumer. Building the required apps across a vast array of fragmented device platforms is an immense challenge, and for most publishers, this is where the dream ends.

Since 2009, it’s been Float Left’s mission to help broadcasters and publishers launch direct-to-consumer services. After deploying over 200 TV apps across a variety of different platforms, we decided to funnel our experience into a single solution designed towards reducing the complexity associated with launching these types of services.

FLIcastTM drastically reduces the complexities of TV app development. The solution is pre-integrated with key technology partners across the ecosystem, including: video distribution, advertising, subscription and billing, and analytics. At its core is our powerful engagement platform, FLICSTM that drives cross-platform features: favorites, ratings, recommendations, continuous playback, and state-based viewing. All of those features are then wrapped in a suite of apps designed to drive user engagement, retention, and monetization.

At Float Left, we are passionate about the TV industry and are thrilled to be participating in this evolution. Whether you’re an established brand struggling to launch a service, or just getting started, Float Left can help.

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