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Digital Primates' 2015 View From The Top
Jeff Tapper, Senior Consultant, Digital Primates

Digital Primates is an elite consultancy focused on high performance client-side applications. Specializing in video, mobile, and enterprise development, Digital Primates has built video players for some of the world’s most watched live streaming events and has architected and built software solutions for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Digital Primates is committed to finding the right solutions for our client’s needs, and often helps evaluate various tools (and media players) against each client’s specific requirements.

The Digital Primates team is led by two highly experienced senior consultants. The staff and partners are actively involved in the open source community, contributing in various ways, including founding the dash.js project, which provides a simple and free dash player for HTML Browsers. This project has now grown to include contributions from Microsoft, Google, Akamai, and other major players in the streaming video arena.

Some of our noteworthy projects include:
• We delivered mobile applications for live streaming a 2012 international sporting event for a major US broadcaster.
• We worked with a major sports broadcaster to deliver an international Soccer tournament in 2010 and 2014 to a worldwide audience through mobile and browser applications.
• We worked with a major US Broadcaster to develop a common API across all their video solutions on all their platforms.
• We helped develop a Media Player used to broadcast over 2,400 out of market games each season for a major professional sports league.

Digital Primates has offices in Chicago and New York City and can be reached at

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