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Brightcove's 2015 View From The Top
Anil Jain, SVP & GM, Media at Brightcove
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As the focus of broadcasters and publishers shifts away from the medium and more towards the content itself, the emerging trend for each is to identify themselves as ‘video content companies’ rather than the aforementioned monikers.

With this shift, video content companies have to increasingly emphasize the need and use of content to engage audiences and drive revenue. The ultimate goal of most of these media companies is to attract the largest possible audience, which will be made possible by embracing multiple business models. Using multiple models will capture a larger audience by giving them an array of choices for how to consume and pay for media. Such examples include SnapChat, eSports and MCNs that have grown up in this ecosystem of new pureplay video-centric internet businesses.

With the rise of 4k, UHD, HDR and HEVC, quality has never mattered more. But what’s even more important is simplifying the complex device coverage (reach) and ensuring that video platforms and services allow for flexibility in developing the right solutions. It all comes back to solutions that enable media companies to achieve their ultimate business objectives.

Brightcove’s approach is founded upon these principles, providing modularity through easy to use video solutions that enable broadcasters and publishers to capture their largest possible audience and effectively monetize that audience. It’s with these same principles in mind that Brightcove is focused on helping our customers solve the challenges and opportunities of using video through increased flexibility and reduced costs and complexity.

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