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View From the Top 2014 - Leading Online Video Execs
Executives from companies on the 2014 Streaming Media 100 list share their insights on how to soar in the Online Video Industry.

The High Flyer Club

Once a year, Streaming Media picks the 100 Most Important Companies in Online Video and asks the companies on that list if their leaders would like to share their thoughts on the industry. Welcome to this year’s installment of “View from the Top.” 

Now, while it’s not uncommon for people who excel to be compared to eagles, did you ever think where the saying “bird’s-eye view” or “eagle-eyed” came from? I always knew that eagles’ excellent eyesight made them great hunters, but I didn’t know that an eagle’s pupil has a million light-sensitive cells per square millimeters of retina—five times more than a human’s 200,000. And while we lowly humans only see three basic colors, the mighty eagle sees five. It’s no wonder that some eagles can spot prey, even camouflaged, up to 2 miles away.

Being a CEO or executive in the online video industry is hard—really hard. The days are gone where caution could be thrown to the wind and VCs would overlook little things like whether or not a company actually has a working product. Today, it’s all about the P&L, which is exactly as it should be. But in an industry that’s still the Wild West, with so many companies offering the same thing, it’s hard to not only survive, but to stand out and thrive. The people in this section are doing just that, so we asked them the how’s and why’s. Keep your eye on these birds, folks, because they have a knack for seeing what’s coming—miles away. And while there are more than 60 different species of eagles, they all soar above the rest and are symbols of power, freedom, leadership, and transcendence. I, for one, am honored to introduce these high fliers.

Look below, at the "Related Articles" for these contributions, and download the PDF HERE, as seen in in our October 2014 issue.



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