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2013 Online Video Industry Fortunes: An Introduction
Leading Executives of the Online Video Industry give their prediction for what's to come in 2013

2013 Industry Fortune: The Only Constant is Change

At the beginning of 2012, we launched our Streaming Media Industry Sourcebook, and I decided to pay homage to the late Douglas Adams with the bold words “Don’t Panic!” as the title of my Publisher’s Note. Did you take that advice? I hope so. I think the most astute observation about our industry over time is that change is inevitable. The thing is, the time it takes for the industry to adopt the latest and greatest acronym is getting a whole lot shorter. So here we go into another year, and what are we hearing?

I think the funniest thing I heard vendors say at NAB 2012 is that they are approaching “zero latency” with their solutions. Be thankful that your fortune didn’t read, “That’s not chicken you are eating.”

At IBC in September 2012, I saw people leading with MPEG DASH and HEVC. While I predicted that in this section last year, it’s fairly transparent that this will be a hot topic in 2013. But what else? At Streaming Media West in October, vendor conversations revealed companies addressing missing pieces of the ecosystem without disruption or compatibility issues, such as ad serving boxes and production in the cloud. Watch for those. I’m also predicting innovation and growth in an area we haven’t covered much of in the past -- online video security and surveillance.

The good news is that budgets are up for our industry. Our annual magazine readership survey indicates that budgets are up 8% and sit at about $340,000 per reader; there’s no question that for the industry, competition on underserved playing fields is about to rally. With that, let’s have a look at what these leaders of the online video industry have to say in our annual roundup.Fortune cookie

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Online Video Executives Make Their Predictions - What's to Come For Our Industry In 2015