The Streaming Media West conference is organized into dedicated tracks which allow you to identify the sessions that fit you best. This content, combined with our Streaming Media University preconference workshops and vendor supported Discovery Track, make Streaming Media West the most comprehensive conference in the world focused specifically on the depth and breadth of all that is streaming media. 

Register for an All Access Pass to personalize your agenda and pick and choose your path through the entire conference, or register for a single summit or our Streaming Media University workshops individually.

The program is currently in development and will be made available soon. In the meantime, here’s what’s on tap for 2021!

Streaming Media University

Streaming Media University features world class experts delivering content-rich training. This series of workshops at Streaming Media West 2021 offers attendees the opportunity to get deep-dive training on online video and streaming technologies. Three-hours in length, you'll learn the sound theories and practiced techniques to become a top performer in the online video field. In the end, you’ll walk away with a Streaming Media University Completion Certificate, and the professional know-how to enhance your career. Includes light continental breakfast, coffee breaks AND complimentary access to the Streaming Media Showcase on November 2-3. Workshops are included with our All Access with Streaming Media University Workshops Pass or may be registered for separately.

Business & Strategy Track

Attention CEOs, CSOs, media strategists, and business development executives: This is your home at Streaming Media West. This forward-thinking track offers high-level strategic discussions where you can learn from the best where the online video economy is moving. The Business & Strategy Track will shed light on the future of the online video marketplace, discussing ways broadcasters, cable & satellite operators, MVPDs, and content rights holders can unlock the value of OTT and TV Everywhere. It will point to improvements in content creation, acquisition, and monetization, and reveal coming shifts in consumer viewing habits. A sea change is coming to entertainment and sports; this track is for executives who want to ride the wave.

Technical & How-To Track

This track is for CTOs, engineers, and developers who want one thing: solutions. The video ecosystem is a fragmented mix of platforms and devices: Learn from the pros how you can eliminate the bottlenecks and deliver results. Expert presenters will offer sessions on encoding and transcoding, packaging and delivery, player and UI development, and formats, protocols, and standards. If you’re looking for deep dives into HEVC, VP9, AV1, DASH, CMAF, WebRTC, video optimization, QoS/QoE, or AI and machine learning, you’ve come to the right place. This is the place to go under the hood and learn real skills and improvements you can put in place as soon as you’re back in the office.

OTT Leadership Summit

OTT is the future of television, and this summit is a deep dive into how broadcasters, cable & satellite operators, MVPDs, vMPVDs, and content rights holders can unlock the value of OTT and TV Everywhere. Because business and technology factors work hand-in-hand to create a successful OTT service, we’ll look at the entire OTT ecosystem to provide a thorough understanding of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. We’ll also unveil fresh OTT research to give you actionable data and help you thrive in this increasingly competitive market.

Video Engineering Summit

Video compression and related technologies are the bedrock of the online video industry, and they’ve always been the heart of Streaming Media. The Video Engineering Summit is for the hardcore video engineers, the ones who are really pushing the boundaries of video quality and compression efficiency. It’s a deep dive into encoding and transcoding, packaging and delivery, player and UI development, and formats, protocols, and standards. If you’re looking for deep dives into HEVC, VP9, AV1, DASH, CMAF, WebRTC, video optimization, or perceptual quality, you’ve come to the right place. Our expert speakers will help you take your video to the next level.

Live Streaming Summit

Live Streaming Summit focuses on the challenges of delivering large-scale in-person, virtual, and hybrid live events, as well as mastering remote and cloud-based streaming in an event world still in flux. Sessions will address every step of the live video workflow, including ingestion, production, transcoding, protection, distribution, analytics, and post-event evaluation. Whether you’re streaming one-off entertainment, news, sports, or worship events, or delivering recurring live content, we’ve got you covered. We’ll address the technologies and strategies required to deliver video to viewers watching on multiple screens, and prepare live content providers to thrive in live streaming's emerging "new normal.”

Sports & Esports Streaming Summit

Nowhere is streaming having a bigger impact than on live sports. It's not just how we watch, it's what we watch. Esports are products of the digital age. They were born online, and for generations of young people they're the only sports they know. Fans and stars have created a world where everyone can participate and all are welcome, where people can find their tribe and take part. It's inclusive, interactive, multi-platform, and always live. While the games might be virtual, the money at stake is very real.Traditional sports are running to keep pace with this upstart, experimenting with multiplatform distribution, VR and AR, digital enhancements, and online gambling. They're also placing bets by starting or acquiring their own esports leagues. Publishers see the changes coming, and are adapting to support both groups, because really it's all just sports nowadays, whether or not there's an "e" in front of the word or not. As long as it involves intense live competition and dedicated fans, publishers are happy to deliver. This incredibly addicting, highly charged, constantly evolving world needs a conference that can keep up with—and even anticipate—the changes ahead. The Sports & Esports Summit is that event, and it will bring attendees into the conversations happening right now, so they can profit from the changes.

Enterprise & Education Video Summit

It's not all about OTT. Streaming video is the bedrock of corporate communications and training, the world of education and academia is an increasingly virtual one, and video is crucial to the future of nonprofits and government agencies as well. This summit is for CTOs, IT architects, digital media specialists, enterprise video specialists—anyone who is responsible for the video strategies both behind and beyond the firewall. Come learn the latest developments in webcasting, video management, delivery, analytics, and user-generated video for corporate communications, training, collaboration, digital signage, and more.

Discovery Track

Open to ALL conference attendees and Discovery Pass holders, Discovery Track sessions are moderated by Streaming Media magazine editors and presented by conference sponsors. These sessions offer an opportunity to learn more about cutting-edge technologies and solutions to vexing challenges at every step in the streaming media ecosystem. As an added bonus, sponsors will be raffling off prizes at the end of each session!

Featuring These Dedicated Tracks & Special Events