Steve Maher


Picture of Steve MaherSteve Maher is the Chief Technology Officer at Syncbak, the world’s #1 live local streaming platform. With over 25 years in technology under his belt, including leadership roles at technology innovator 2Wire in Silicon Valley and heavyweight Collins Aerospace, Mr. Maher has designed and deployed both large complex systems as well as high volume consumer products. His experience base includes telecom products, avionics, verified computing platforms, multiprocessing architectures and high-speed networking technologies. Maher and his team at Syncbak are responsible for the live streaming architecture that streams over 14 million hours of live broadcast content annually to OTT viewer destinations, including the company’s own direct-to-consumer OTT app, VUit. Mr. Maher earned a BS in Mathematics from the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and an MBA from Iowa. He holds several patents in the area of graphics hardware, multiprocessing and telecommunications.

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