Justin Skogen

Vice President
Digital Element

Picture of Justin SkogenJustin Skogen is Vice President at Digital Element, the global IP geolocation and audience insights leader, in charge of business development and sales functions within streaming media, e-commerce, enterprise, government and other related verticals. With more than 15 years of technology business development and sales experience, he has been successful in solving clients’ challenges and contributing to their bottom lines through the application of IP intelligence and geolocation data solutions. His client relationships include Netflix, Hulu, Apple, Disney, Major League Baseball (MLB), Twitter, Deloitte, National Basketball Association (NBA), Department of Justice/Department of Defense, Facebook, F5, WebMD, Accuweather, Prudential, JPMorgan Chase, Lowes, Unilever, Allstate Insurance, Armstrong, GEICO, SUPERVALU and other recognized brands.

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