Robert Brown

Sales Engineer

Picture of Robert Brown

Emerging out of the pandemic Robert found himself, after taking a few months off, landing a Sales Engineering position with NewTeK. Prior to this position he had spent 13 years with Chyron holding multiple positions and working with some of the biggest names in the broadcasting industry such as NBC, ABC, Fox and Sky. With a combined total of about 25 years in the broadcasting industry, Robert has had the chance to see a lot of change and too have gained a vast amount of experience within different aspects of the industry. These include working on sporting events, news, entertainment and attending 4 Olympics. With a strong background in the Information Technology field, he brings a well-rounded perspective for clients on how to integrate solutions within their current infrastructure. It is becoming increasingly harder to close the gap between traditional broadcast engineering and today's ever expanding information technology system. 
Robert has been living in Florida for almost 15 years now and enjoys every minute of the sunshine and great weather. When he's not spending time finding people their best solutions for their needs, he enjoys taking full advantage of his evenings and weekends and even works in his spare time as a professional DJ. A few of the things that Robert has the highest amount of love for would be his friends, family, and music.
His goal working with all his clients is to listen to their wants, turning those wants into their needs, and connecting them with the best products and best people for a successful venture. Roberts warm and outgoing personality allows him to be approachable by many and find himself comfortable with multiple different groups of personalities. Never hesitate to walk up and introduce yourself. Robert is always happy to converse with anyone and add value to a discussion. Others find him easy to approach and reference his expertise in all topics are always well worth their time.

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