May 12-13, 2015 | New York Hilton Midtown

Streaming Media University - Monday May 11, 2015

Streaming Media Univeristy

World Class Experts Deliver Content-rich Training

This year at Streaming Media in NYC, we are launching an educational program called Streaming Media University. This series of workshops at our Streaming Media events offers attendees the opportunity to get deep-dive training on online video and streaming technologies. These programs give you the sound theories and practiced techniques to become a top performer in the online video field. In the end, you’ll walk away with a Streaming Media University Completion Certificate, and the professional know-how to enhance your career. All workshops include a light continental breakfast and morning and afternoon breaks PLUS complimentary access to the Streaming Media East Expo on May 12 - 13.

9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

W1 - Pre-Flight Drone Training: Best Practices for Aerial Video

This session has been canceled

The world of low-altitude, radio-controlled flight has provided visual artists with new and fresh ways to move the camera. Radio-controlled helicopters (aka drones) will add new dimensions to your video and photography workflows that will quickly set you apart from others in your market. Your multi-rotor copter will introduce a new learning curve, not for using the camera but for flying the copter itself. Don’t invest in these tools without getting the right training and exposure to ensure safe flight operation. In this workshop, Airbus captain, sUA (small Unmanned Aircraft) expert, and award-winning producer Scott Strimple shares his flight plan for a safe, successful, and legal drone video/photo experience. Most manuals cover every light and switch but fall short of sharing how these features are used in real-life scenarios. Workshop attendees can learn from Scott’s 40-plus years of experience flying RC aircraft in a way that is both practical and useful to the beginning and advanced pilot and video and photo professional. Topics will include introduction to multi-rotor aircraft; industry best practices; flight mechanics for the aerial videographer; gimbal and camera operations and care; preflight planning/checklists; radio transmitter functions and programming; basic and advanced flight procedures; the FAA NPRM update and what to expect; how to decipher no-fly areas before you break the law; how to ensure your drone is fit for flight; camera techniques for the aerial artist; protecting yourself with the right insurance; and your questions and more!

Scott Strimple, CinemAerialVisuals
9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

W2 - Building an Open- Source Encoding Workflow

Location: Sutton South

Fortunately for video specialists, there are many options to create a high-performing scalable video encoding workflow. Powerful and “free” open source options, such as FFmpeg, are appealing to startups and businesses. In this workshop, learn the pros and cons of utilizing open source software in your encoding workflow. Learn how to implement a customized workflow by deconstructing a sample PHP, MySQL, and FFmpeg architecture. We also explore extended encoding options for FFmpeg to maximize compatibility with a wide range of mobile and desktop browsers, as well as streaming media servers such as NGINX, Wowza Streaming Server, and Adobe Media Server.

Robert Reinhardt, Streaming Solutions Architect - videoRx

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W3 - Encoding for Multiscreen Delivery: H.264, Protocols and Devices

Location: Regent

This workshop shows you how to create a set of video files that will play on all devices, from smartphones to computers and OTT devices. The workshop includes a thorough overview of what’s required to produce H.264 files for multiple screen playback, including Flash, HTML5, iOS, Android, Windows Phones, Windows 8, Apple TV, Roku, and other OTT devices. Learn about adaptive streaming, including the implementation status of DASH, the Media Source Extensions (MSE), and the Encrypted Media Extensions (EME). Attendees also learn how to produce multiple files for adaptive streaming, and how technologies like transmuxing can simplify supporting multiple platforms. Attendees walk away knowing the technical requirements for delivering to all key platforms and understanding how to do so.

Jan Ozer, Owner - Streaming Learning Center

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W4 - Cellular Bonding Backhaul: Technology and Workflows

This session has been canceled

This workshop offers a journey through the latest enabler in electronic newsgathering and other in-the-field video signal acquisition and backhaul: cellular bonding technology. A look at the evolution of the technology and the current competitive market landscape is followed by a hands-on demonstration of how to get the most out of these devices. Finally, we look at best practices for establishing a cellular bonding workflow for production, special considerations for specific in-the-field scenarios, and the types of productions that become possible with these portable, powerful devices.

Dom Robinson, Director and Creative Firestarter - id3as Contributing Editor,, UK
1:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.

W5 - Building a Better Web Video Player

Location: Sutton South

HTML5 web browsers continue to expand the capabilities of video playback across mobile devices and desktops. As a video content producer, distributor, or integrator, you can’t necessarily rely on native app playback on mobile—you need to have a video player that can respond to these changes as the landscape matures. But how do you plan for uncertainty? This workshop reviews popular video player frameworks such as those provided by JW Player, Video.JS, MediaElement.js, and others. You also learn how to pick the proper media encoding strategy for your video distribution needs, and how to plan for scaling video content types as browser features such as MPEG-DASH begin to emerge. We also discuss additional features such as utilizing Chromecast from both mobile and desktop Google Chrome.

Robert Reinhardt, Streaming Solutions Architect - videoRx

W6 - Deploying Your Live Streaming Workflow in the Cloud

Location: Regent

Deploying a live streaming workflow in the cloud is an ideal solution for a number of different use cases. Cloud streaming is often the best way to get up and running quickly, even if you have limited streaming experience. The session explores the new Wowza streaming cloud and provides a full walkthrough, from easily getting your live feed into the cloud to covering the adjustments that can be made to the audio and video processing and delivery, through to the playback options. We demonstrate multiple end-to-end scenarios and also cover hybrid workflows that span cloud and on-premises deployments. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain deep insights into the latest in cloud streaming technology.

Chris Knowlton, Chief Evangelist - Panopto

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W7 - Online Video Marketing, Branding, and Distribution Strategies

Location: Madison

This workshop focuses on topics that are essential to online video publishers and brands. Topics include marketing, distribution, branding, social media platforms, video SEO, emerging trends, and leveraging technology for online video. Attendees can expect to leave with practical knowledge and tips that they can apply to their overall online video strategies as they identify the viewers they want to reach and develop effective tools for reaching them.

Stjepan Alaupovic, Creative Director - Clear Online Video

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