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GOLD: Bitmovin

Understanding consumption patterns and optimizing the viewer experience are absolutely vital components in successful video distribution and monetisation, requiring increasingly sophisticated and automated measurement, analysis, and reporting infrastructures. This is the Superguide that educates readers in deploying the best tools for the job, ensuring that QoS/QoE expectations are met and exceeded.

GOLD: Matrox, AverMedia, Limelight, Telestream, NanoCosmos

There’s live streaming and there’s professional live streaming. Too many organizations are delivering subpar live video to their viewers. And too many live streams fail the latency test, whether for interactive video functionality or to compete with broadcast. Is that you? Because if it is, you need to read this Superguide. You’ll find solid solutions for handling live streams at scale, whether you deliver them on your own internal network or send them out into the wild via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or any of the other leading live streaming platforms. The right tools and the right services— you’ll find them here. Let’s make sure you get the job done right before you start shooting with that lousy iPhone 6 again.

GOLD: Epiphan Video, Harmonic SILVER: DVEO, Haivision, Videoguys, AverMedia, Discover Video

Learning From the Pros

Sometimes, doing is the best way to learn. This Superguide instalment brings together several cool examples of successful deployments by leading industry companies that have helped a wide range of companies, from carriers to content creators. Learn about how the right tools and the right companies can make all the difference with online video infrastructure and strategy.

PLATINUM: GlobalDots GOLD: Limelight, Medianova SILVER: Hive Streaming, DLVR, Ericsson, Broadpeak, Tulix

Carriers, telcos, ISPs, and premium content owners will look to this Superguide for technology and platforms to deliver and accelerate web content.

Who is this Superguide for?

• Content owners/OTT distributors
• Carriers & telcos
• Mobile carriers
• Online retail/social
• On-net platform vendors
• Off-net platform vendors

Areas of Interest

• Last-mile video delivery
• Dynamic site acceleration
• Transparent caching
• Front-end optimization
• Licensed/managed CDN
• Application acceleration
• Telco CDN deployments
• Mobile content acceleration
• Cloud & CDN business models
• Managing OTT video quality
• CDN federation models
• QoS measurement

GOLD: Mediasite, Bitmovin SILVER: Harmonic, Telestream

As cloud encoding services have matured, more and more companies are switching or supplementing their on-prem efforts. But choosing cloud solutions and vendors has never been “cloudier.” Several factors in the workflow need to be considered before committing and redistributing resources in either direction, and on-prem still plays a critical role in the video ecosystem. That’s exactly where this Superguide comes in.

Here, we look at the facts that will help you determine your needs, show real-world scenarios, and provide in-depth looks at leading solutions that offer the best workflow, with speed and cost as top considerations.

Be sure to see the "Recommended Reading" and the "Featured Videos" in this Superguide.

GOLD: Bitmovin, nanocosmos SILVER: castLabs, THEOplayer, Veeplay, Radiant Media Player, Transloadit

Whether you’re embedding players into an enterprise learning portal or setting up a full-blown TV platform, you want to deliver an uncompromised viewer experience that’s fully integrated into your workflows and still gives you full control. Features that you’re looking for in your choice of platforms or players might include any or all of the following: ad format support, content protection, scalability, PiP, VR/360, analytics, lightning-fast startup times, or SmartTV SDKs. This is the Superguide that takes you through the solutions that address these challenges.

Gold: Verimatrix, Ooyala Silver: castLabs, Harmonic, Lightcast, Tulix, MediaMelon

Is the OTT platforms and solutions market turning into a race to the bottom for pricing, the way OVPs did back in 2009? Who will survive, and who should buyers trust their content strategy to in an unstable environment of vendor solutions? What real disruptions do content creators, publishers, and carriers need to be in tune with? How about monetization and content protection? Face it— there’s more to dealing with online video content today than ever before, whether it’s SMB (small/medium business) or premium. This Superguide is your one-stop resource to understand the competitive environment in a dizzying market.

Be sure to check out the bonus section - recommended reading and videos.

Avioon, Vualto

As the number of video assets continues to grow exponentially, so does the need to organise this content. At the same time, the traditional “islands of processing” system architectures are being overwhelmed by this demand for content and are being replaced by “Entire Operation” integrated systems. This is the Superguide that educates the readers in the best MAM, DAM, PAM and VWM tools. These are the tools that will store, index and process your precious content so that it can be leveraged and delivered as effectively and as efficiently as possible.

Gold: Harmonic, SRT Alliance, Akamai, Bitmovin, MediaExcel, Silver: Telestream, Teradek, Qualcomm, Socionext

Is it time to move to a 4K workflow? Has HEVC finally arrived? What about AV1? Should I just optimize my H.264 strategy? Where can I get the best quality at the best price? Let’s face it: Encoding and transcoding are at the heart of all things streaming, and it’ a competitive landscape. Cloud and on-premises services both have terrific offerings, but deciding what’s best in a busy space is difficult. At the end of the day, everyone wants to get the highest quality and the lowest bitrate—so what options are available? That’s where this Superguide comes in.