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Sponsored By: Intel

Optimize Media & Video Applications with Intel® VTune™ Amplifier & Intel® Media SDK
With the flood of internet content being largely driven by video and other innovative visual experiences, media developers now more than ever need tools to help them up their game in video performance and quality, and speed media workloads. To help with this challenge, Intel offers both advanced hardware and software that together delivers fast, high density and quality video transcoding. Find out more in this new whitepaper: Using Intel VTune Amplifier to Optimize Media and Video Applications. Learn how to access the power of Intel® Quick Sync Video (hardware-accelerated codecs) to take advantage of graphics processor capabilities with the Intel Media SDK, visualize heterogeneous hardware operations, find and fix performance and quality issues. Download the whitepaper now.

Sponsored By: Highwinds

Using a CDN off the shelf is like buying an economy sedan off the lot and then racing at the Daytona 500. The car will get you to work and back, but you’re not going to beat a highly-customized racing machine fine-tuned for speed, performance, and durability. 

There are many tips, tricks, and configurations that you can use to get the very most out of your CDN. This white paper provides an in depth look at five advanced configurations you can use to optimize the delivery of your content and save you money.

Sponsored By: SafeStream

Piracy isn't just a problem for Hollywood -- anyone producing valuable or sensitive video from online learning courses to corporate training videos stands to lose money, face or trade secrets when their assets show up on torrent sites or elsewhere, unintended. Watermarking has long been viewed as the best protection against theft, but not all methods are created equal. This free white paper provides a comparison of leading methods, from overlays to forensic, breaking down where each falls on the spectrum of cost, security and ease of use. It also provides a sneak peek at new methods, such as on-demand watermarking, which can deliver a 90-minute feature film with personally identifiable, non-removable visible watermarks, in just seconds.

Sponsored By: Epiphan Video

Learn from the experts with these tips provided by live streaming veterans. We guarantee you'll learn at least one new thing that makes your next event a success, regardless of if you're streaming live or recording for video on demand (VOD). From choosing the right camera settings to making sure your event is recorded for seamless post-production, this white paper sets you up for a successful live production in any environment. 

Topics include:

- No-fail pre-production setup
- Best cameras for live events
- Foolproof audio  
- Best encoding settings for post production
- Multi-encoding

Download this white paper and get started on your next successful live production today!

Sponsored By: Digitalsmiths, a TiVo company

As video service providers roll out new apps, services, and UIs across more devices than ever, content delivery continues to expand beyond the set-top box. Thus, video service providers are now tasked with understanding how these new solutions affect viewer engagement and how to best optimize the user experience.

Additionally, these new video service offerings drive an unprecedented amount of useful, personalized data. Accessing this data isn’t the challenge, but extracting meaningful signals from this wealth of data to derive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that truly align with the video service provider’s goals can be difficult.

- The top KPIs all video service providers should be tracking.

- How to track what Digitalsmiths considers the most critical and impactful new metric, a 'Discovery Session.'

- How to set baseline KPIs.

- Best practices on how to overcome the complexities that content discovery functionality can add to data analysis.

- How to leverage data from these KPIs to enable data-driven optimization of a viewing experience.

Sponsored By: Touchstream

Don't lose your audience to content buffering, stalling, or just plain not working. Learn how use active 24/7 monitoring for instant, detailed alerts of streaming issues before they become your viewers' issues. 
Read this free whitepaper for valuable insights on how a comprehensive active streaming monitoring service will ensure your live streams are performing at their best.