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Turn Content into Sustainable OTT Revenue

The age of over-the-top (OTT) content is here today. “Cord cutters” and “cord nevers” want to watch their favorite videos and TV shows anywhere, anytime, on any device. Is your company positioned to capture sustainable revenue streams from this lucrative market?

Download your free copy of our informative OTT Monetization Guideand learn how to turn your content into sustainable revenue.

  • Review of OTT content monetization models
  • The pros and cons of ad-based vs. subscription-based content
  • Maximizing average customer lifetime value (ACLV) through recurring revenue models
  • How subscriptions help you build better, longer relationships with your customers

Great content can put you on the path to OTT success. But selecting the right monetization model will get your further, faster. Successful OTT businesses thrive when they combine compelling content with consumer-friendly subscription services, enticing promotions, a broad reach, and proactive retention processes.

Don’t miss out on this valuable, informative guide. Download your copy today. And learn the underlying secrets of online content monetization success. 


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Audience levels are over the top, video devices are multiplying and time devoted to viewing is at an all-time high. It’s no wonder you’re serious about enabling seamless video experiences over any screen, at any time. Clearleap recognizes the challenges faced by a business making the shift to multiscreen, and we have the solutions. Download our whitepaper to learn the five critical issues to address as you write your game plan for multiscreen video success.


Sponsored By: DDVTECH

This white paper explores MistServer, a greenfield initiative by DDVTech BV, The Netherlands-based startup who recently created a lightweight, scalable media server. With a goal of solving significant media delivery problems, MistServer’s design offers benefits over current solutions.

Brains and brawn, just not in the same place. DDVTech’s MistServer is based on a philosophy that a media server should do what it does best: serve audio and video streams. They split the brawn (MistServer) from the brain (MistSteward, MistCenter, or a web control interface).