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Viewing behaviour today includes so much more than just traditional broadcasting. Today, people take their entertainment with them—everywhere. If content buffers, stalls, or fails to play, your customers will churn away and get their fix elsewhere.
Streaming is here to stay, but live streaming is extremely hard and complex with zero room for error. 
You can’t wait for your viewers to tell you your content is buffering, stalling, or just plain not working. Learn how using active 24/7 monitoring you can be alerted to your streaming issues before they become your viewers’ issues.
Read this paper for valuable insights into how comprehensive an active streaming monitoring service, down to every bitrate, all of the time can help ensure your live streams are performing at their best.

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You are no doubt familiar with recent stats on the alarming growth of consumer ad blocking that are dominating media coverage and conversations among publishers and advertisers. If your business relies on advertising, you likely have an ad-blocking problem. At the same time, while mobile video viewing is on the rise, technical challenges continue to hinder publishers’ ability to deliver premium, ad-based video experiences across a multitude of platforms and devices. This free white paper provides an in-depth overview on the impact of the dual threats of ad blockers and device fragmentation and explains a solution you can use today to address these challenges and dramatically increase your ad deliverability and revenue.

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Today’s consumers demand video content anywhere, anytime, on any device,makingOTT video delivery a key requirement for operators’ survival in the pay-TV world. The challenge however, is that deploying an OTT solution can be complex, costly, and time-consuming.

This whitepaper will examine the current trends happening across the pay-TV market, taking a look at the advantages of offering an OTT service and the pitfalls that may be encountered when implementing these services.

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Traditional OTT platforms sacrifice synchronization for reliability. When people watch live events, the action they see varies from screen to screen. And nothing spoils the moment like finding out about a score 30 seconds before you get to see it. As a result, people watching live events OTT are forced to log out of social platforms or risk hearing what’s happening on someone else’s screen before it happens on theirs. Lack of sync breaks down social interactivity and the potential for broader engagement is lost.

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There are many things to consider when it comes to 4K / Ultra-High Definition (UHD) for Over-The-Top (OTT) delivery.  Can 4K / UHD be delivered successfully Over-The-Top in a revenue generating manner?  What kind of obstacles and challenges does 4K / UHD streaming present?  Is the market there yet and is this a viable business strategy? In this paper, we will explore these questions and the considerations to make when launching a 4K / UHD service for OTT delivery.

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Android is a highly desirable operating system for hybrid Set-Top-Boxes due to its popularity among consumers. Providing an Android-based hybrid STB is, however, quite a challenge. The requirements set by Google for licensing Android for use with Google Play and GMS, as well as using the logo, imply the inclusion of a number of features that increase STBs’ exposure to attacks. This paper discusses the threats to security in Android-based STBs posed by the combined broadcast-OTT environment and by Google’s requirements, and how these security issues can be handled.

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Learn how to maintain predictable and efficient costs for your cloud media processing workflow using Reserved Instances. These provide an unmetered solution for media processing in the cloud and represent the most cost effective way of handling your baseline requirements, with the ability to leverage on-demand resources during times of peak capacity. This white paper provides a TCO analysis for both on-premise hardware solutions and cloud based solutions, providing insights you can apply to your own workflow requirements.

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How do you ensure your live streaming solution is flexible enough to survive a shifting technological landscape while delivering the best possible experience to your audience? Streaming from the cloud makes sense in many cases. Find out why.