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Delivering OTT multiscreen services to an ever-growing number of CE devices that use a wide range of operating platforms, streaming standards and DRM products has become a key challenge for pay-TV service providers worldwide.

How can they effectively navigate this complex OTT world while maximizing reach and maintaining control over the TV experience?  NAGRA's latest white paper takes a comprehensive look at the key factors service providers need to consider in deploying OTT services, including: 

+ Market and technology challenges in maximizing OTT reach 

+ Streaming standards and fragmentation

+ Key considerations in selecting the right DRM and secure player technologies

Sponsored By: partnered with Nucleus Research to create a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator that reconciles capital operating expenditures of on-premise encoding and provides projections for the same workflow using a cloud encoding solution. 

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Service providers have to respond to customers demanding access to their favorite video content anywhere, anytime and on more devices. This is adding complexity at the head-end side as more DRM schemes and packaging formats need to be supported. Furthermore, the technology landscape for streaming services keeps changing as new codecs and new adaptive streaming techniques emerge and get adopted. In such a context, selecting the right technology for a new streaming service becomes a complex process as video workflows remain a long- term investment. In making that decision, it is important to ensure that the system provides sufficient flexibility to allow adding new features to attract new customers.This article reviews some of these features and focuses on their impact on the business side whenever applicable. 

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In this report we cover major streaming trends of 2015, with a brief overview of the biggest trend — the 4k streaming.

As we all know, complexity of video streaming is staggering, from different formats, network conditions to variety of devices, mobile operating systems, to new and improved video players. Not to mention the huge competition for viewers and new models of monetization.

We can say that besides mobile-first approach, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Internet of Everything (IoE / IoT),.streaming is (unfortunately) usually removed from big internet megatrends. We’ll give you a quick overview of key factors that contribute to the dynamics of the streaming industry. 

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Content caching brings many benefits as operators work out how to cope with the astounding growth in demand for Internet video and other OTT content driven by “Broadband First” consumer behavior. Bringing content closer — local — to consumers increases Quality of Experience and lowers costs. Local content delivery is evolving to go beyond caching to include other capabilities to optimize networks for quality and cost. Local — and open — content delivery platforms can also be the basis for monetization of OTT traffic. 

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The massive growth of multiscreen video and changing consumption habits are forcing video service providers (VSPs) to rethink their media processing infrastructures.  Traditional fixed-function hardware and appliances no longer provide the flexibility and scalability required for a dynamic, complex and increasingly competitive video landscape.

This e-book outlines 8 must have technologies for next-generation video processing solutions.

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Over the Top (OTT) video delivery is a complicated business, with device profiles and delivery technologies  evolving rapidly and requiring specialized technical expertise. Quality of experience is critical to ensuring relevance hinging more and more on the online video experience, media companies can no longer treat online achieving scalable, high-quality, cost-effective video on demand (VOD) over the Internet is tricky and easier said than done.