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August 01, 2018

Featured Articles
A Hybrid Approach Guides the Changing Face of On-Prem Encoding
Demand for on-prem encoding is waning, and vendors are responding with innovative hybrid approaches that offer the best of on-prem and the cloud.
The Arrival of OTT Live Video
Consumers now expect near-broadcast quality from OTT, whether it's live or VOD. It's more important than ever for providers to analyze and mointor their streams and to act quickly when problems arise.
Developers Pay the Pioneer Tax for WebRTC Live Streaming
There's a cost to being cutting-edge, and for low-latency live video streaming that involves learning WebRTC and accepting limited browser support.
Online Video News
AMC Acquires RLJ Entertainment, Owner of Acorn TV, for $65M
AMC Networks places a bet on the popularity of British movies and series, as well as a continuing love for Agatha Christie mysteries.
Viacom Purchases AwesomenessTV for a Reported $25M Plus Debt
Falling prices, falling networks: If teen-oriented digital networks have such a high failure rate, why are so many companies rushing to invest?
Katzenberg's WndrCo Takes Additional $200M Funding for $1B Total
If anyone else was leading this mobile video effort funding would be hard to come by, but the industry has faith Katzenberg can pull it off.
Short Cuts
Video: What Does Personalization Mean in OTT Video?
Sea Change International VP Marketing Kurt W. Michel discusses analytics- and AI-driven personalization in this clip from his presentation at Streaming Media East.
Video: SCTE 224 Primer, Part 4: What's Next
Comcast's Stuart Kurkowski completes his 4-part SCTE 224 Primer with a look ahead in this clip from Live Streaming Summit at Streaming Media East 2018.
Video: SCTE 224 Primer, Part 3: SCTE 224 In Action
In Part 3 of a 4-part series from Live Streaming Summit East 2018, Comcast's Stuart Kurkowski provides an introduction to the SCTE 224 spec and what live event streaming pros need to know about it.
Industry News
Demonstrations to feature European debut of new features in SGrecast live stream recording and repurposing platform, powered by ENCO enCaption technology
Univision demands dramatic rate increases despite ratings plummet
New apps let PEG broadcasters effortlessly reach viewers on Apple TV and Roku devices with live and on-demand content
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