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March 28, 2018

Featured Articles
The State of WebRTC and Streaming Media 2018
WebRTC holds tremendous promise for adding interactivity and reducing latency in streaming video. Here's a look at where it fits today, and what we should expect of it in the future.
Tutorial: How to Add Interactivity to Your YouTube Videos
It's important for YouTube publishers to create a great user experience for our viewers, and interactivity can help. Here's a walk-through of how to use YouTube's interactive features.
Moscow State Updates VQMT With New Metrics
Moscow State University's Video Quality Measurement Tool was already good. Enhancements in the new version, including new metrics and the ability to run multiple analyses simultaneously, make it even better.
Online Video News
YouTube Lets Desktop Streamers Go Live Without an Encoder
While YouTube made encoder setup easy, it was still a hurdle for some. Now, Chrome users can stream live with no setup required.
Deloitte Sees Value Gap Between What Pay TV Viewers Want and Get
Consumers no longer understand the point of having access to hundreds of channels they never watch, with all generations dissatisfied.
Cheddar Announces $22M Funding, Will Launch Second News Network
Cheddar Big News will debut next month, offering national news, sports, and weather without panels or partisan bickering.
Short Cuts
Video: How Storage Must Change to Meet Mushrooming Video Growth
IBM's Naz Nageer makes the case for a cloud object storage architecture amid exploding storage demands as the video world transitions to 4K and beyond.
Video: 360 Immersive Live Streaming Workflow: Part 2, Processing and Distribution
How does 360 immersive differ from other live streaming workflows? AWS Special Solutions Architect Shawn Przybilla takes viewers step by step through the process, continuing with processing and distribution in Part 2 of this two-part series.
Industry News
First Collaborative Single-Market Effort to Deliver ATSC 3.0 to Be Powered by Harmonic's Software-Based Media Processing Solution
Dynamically inserting ads in a traditional linear TV channel
Substantive new versions of the company’s IP based solutions including TVU Grid, TVU Anywhere and TVU Command Center to be shown
WFM5200, WFM8300 and PRISM Now Provide Support for More Standards and Use Cases
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