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January 22, 2018

Featured Articles
The Streaming Video Revolution Is About More Than Entertainment
Industries such as agriculture, mining, music, and manufacturing have all been transformed by audio and video streaming. In 2018, we'll take a deeper look.
Commentary: It's Not AV1 vs. HEVC
With Apple joining the Alliance for Open Media, there's been a lot of talk about AV1 vs. HEVC. But we no longer live in an either/or world, and can now give viewers what they want with minimal cost and effort compared to years gone by.
HEVC in HLS: 10 Key Questions for Streaming Video Developers
Many who heard that Apple is adding support for HEVC playback in HTTP Live Streaming were left with more questions than answers. Here's what developers need to know.
Online Video News
Facebook Watch Party Makes Live Events Out of On-Demand Videos
Watch parties aren't just for awards shows anymore. Facebook is testing a feature that makes online video viewing social.
TiVo Opens New Lawsuits Against Comcast for Patent Infringement
Having prevailed on two previous charges, TiVo aims to take a bite out of Comcast once again. Comcast calls Rovi tech "increasingly obsolete."
Turner and Hulu on AT&T/TW Merger: 'This Can't Close Fast Enough'
While the Time Warner-AT&T merger would great a behemoth entertainment company, Turner's CEO says it's needed to compete.
Short Cuts
Video: Does Uniformity Across Different Platforms Enhance Your Media App's Reach?
TBS/Turner's Karina Kogan discusses the pros and cons of leveraging different OTT and streaming platforms' unique features when designing media apps for different entertainment services and devices.
Industry News
NPAW's new image reflects the company's forward thinking commitment to innovation.
Companies join together to deliver high-quality digital experiences worldwide
New industry report examines emerging trends in streaming video habits and content-pirating consumers
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