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January 10, 2018

Featured Articles
The Need for Speed, Part 2: Operational Speed – An Essential Element of Success
Turning on a dime is the new reality for media companies, and the move to IP-based production and cloud services is making that possible
The Need for Speed in a Changing Media Landscape
The explosion in video content—along with a whole new array of video categories like VR, AR, and MR—means that technology needs to move faster than ever to keep up.
Breaking Windows: It's Time to Change the Movie Release System
The current windowed release system is slow to put premium movies online. Hollywood is prioritizing its short-term profits, but could hurt itself in the long run.
CES '18: Paying for Content with Data Instead of Dollars
Consumers are increasingly willing to exchange personal data for video content, but services need to be aware of generational differences and the balance between being targeted and being creepy
Online Video News
Samsung, Sony, LG, TCL, and Panasonic: A CES 2018 TV Wrap-Up
The living room TV was connected to the internet years ago. Now, it's getting connected to intelligent home networks full of Wi-Fi-enabled appliances.
Apple Joins Alliance for Open Media: What Does it Mean?
While Apple's technical motives might be simple, their strategic motives appear more complicated: If it wants to build a video service that competes with Netflix and Amazon, it has to deliver to all devices, not just its own.
ComScore and Sling Partner on Cross-Platform Measurement Solution
Dish has offered cross-platform addressable ad buying since 2012, and now it's adding validated third-party campaign measurement.
Short Cuts
Video: Will the Demands of 4K and VR Push Us From Deep Cloud Apps to Edge Cloud Apps?
Qwilt's Mark Fisher explains how the unprecedented capacity and latency demands of 4K/UHD and VR streaming are driving new demands for cloud edge apps for effective delivery.
Video: How to Use Metrics and Experience Strategy to Increase Viewer Engagement
Conviva's Ed Haslam discusses the combination of QoE and other metrics that contribute to a data-driven experience strategy for looking beyond content to improve user engagement with online and OTT video.
Industry News
Float Left, the leading provider of OTT and TVE solutions for the world’s most prolific media brands, announced today that they will be offering a complete end-to-end solution, through their licensed-based product offering, Flicast.
castLabs, a global pioneer in premium digital video technology, has today announced API integration between castLabs’ DRMtoday cloud content licensing service and AWS Elemental MediaConvert and AWS Elemental MediaPackage services.
CBS All Access Offers Full Seasons of Current Primetime, Daytime and Late Night CBS Shows, CBS Classics, Plus Live Streaming of Local CBS Stations and CBS All Access Original Series like “Star Trek: Discovery” and More
Cloud-powered, Device-agnostic, Flexible Platform Enables Operators to Better Adapt to Evolving Needs of Their Customers
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