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November 08, 2017

Featured Articles
SMW 17: Publisher Tools and Content Discovery on the Roku Platform
Streaming Media West attendees got an inside look at the details of Roku's Direct Publisher program, including insights into the company's revenue sharing and advertising offerings
So Many Decisions! The Future of Streaming TV Is Nettlesome
Some people are never happy. U.S. viewers now have scores of premium streaming options at their fingertips, but a few see those choices as a problem.
The Chinese Streaming Market Rife With Possibilities and Pitfalls
Western publishers that want to stream video to audiences in China need to overcome unique hurdles that are more political than technical.
SMW 17: Facebook Creates a Hybrid Solution for Facebook Live With
Before it could launch Live With, a live video option for streaming a two-person conversation, Facebook needed to solve problems of latency and scale.
Online Video News
Vivendi Debuts Studio+, Mobile App for Short-Form Video Content
With scripted series that look both cheesy and fun, Vivendi hopes to get people to subscribe to Studio+ for $3.99 per month.
Dailymotion Relaunches in the U.S., Emphasizes Premium Video
Following its European relaunch in June, Dailymotion is bringing a curated premium video experience to U.S. viewers, but first it might need to introduce itself.
Streaming Piracy to Total $52 Billion in Losses by 2022
The gap between legitimate streaming revenues and piracy losses is widening. While piracy isn't stopping, there are signs it's slowing.
Short Cuts
Video: What Emerging Technologies Will Drive the Future of Education Video?
Video technology experts from Drexel University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Southern California discuss emerging trends in education video.
Video: How Much Latency Will Consumers Tolerate for NFL Live Streams?
Amazon's Keith Wymbs and Jim De Lorenzo discuss how they've met the challenges of improving latency and time-to-first-byte to serve the millions of viewers who are tuning in to Amazon's Thursday night NFL broadcasts in this keynote from Streaming Media West 2017.
Industry News
Interactivity increases student retention, creates powerful faculty-student interactions with quizzes, polls, annotations, customized video libraries and social video
KeyOS provides widest array of DRM support for popular consumer platforms
Sandvine report reveals that 6.5% of North American households access paid pirate TV services each month
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