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March 13, 2017

Featured Articles
HLS Still "Industry Standard," Says Report
Though DASH usage went up by more than 50% over 2015, HLS is still the dominant ABR format
Buyers' Guide to Blocking the Ad Blockers 2017
The best ad-blocking strategy doesn't rely on technology alone, but looks at the root causes that made viewers want to block ads in the first place.
V-Nova Perseus: A Progress Report
Hybrid Perseus is now using HEVC as the base layer, and V-Nova is working on adding inter-frame compression to the codec.
Online Video News
Sling TV Offers 50-Hour Cloud DVR to Amazon Device Owners
The skinny bundle becomes a lot more useful with the addition of a 50-hour cloud DVR, but that service comes with an additional $5 monthly fee.
Bitmovin Introduces Managed On-Prem Encoding Service
The flexible new service runs on the same software stack as Bitmovin's cloud encoding service
Streaming Video Services Now as Popular as Pay TV, Says the CTA
Viewers are embracing the freedom to stream video at any time on any device, and they're watching a lot more of it.
Short Cuts
Video: How to Manage Audience Interactions on Facebook Live
The Human Society's Chad Sisneros explains the specific steps and techniques his organization follows to encourage and reward user engagement with their Facebook Live broadcasts to maximize their impact.
Video: How to Monetize Live Streaming on Social Media Platforms
Legendary Digital's Adam Rymer discusses current challenges to direct and indirect monetization of live streams on Facebook Live and YouTube Live.
Industry News
Digital Service for Public Libraries Adds Sesame Street eBooks, e-comic Books and Program Episodes for Participating Libraries
Acquisition ensures the highest possible video quality from creation to viewing
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