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January 18, 2017

Featured Articles
Gone in a Flash: Migrating Videos to a Flash-Less World
For all its strengths, the clock has run out for Flash. Now is the time say goodbye and migrate to HTML5. Here's everything companies still relying on Flash need to know.
Mobile Phone Hang-Ups: Viewers Wary of Using Up Their Data
People would stream a lot more video to mobile devices if not for restrictive data caps. But thanks to Netflix and Amazon, things are starting to change.
What the Kids Are Watching: The World of Tween Live Streaming
Personality-driven live streaming apps have become a huge trend for tweens and teens, but people over 30 don't know anything about them.
Online Video News
Apple Plans Original Video Expansion, Courts Veteran Producers
The company will use original series and movies to attract more subscribers to Apple Music, not to launch a streaming video service.
Playmaker and iStreamPlanet Announce Long-Term Partnership
The name BAMTech didn't come up in the companies' statement, but competition from the MLB spin-off has everything to do with it.
Facebook Will Show Mid-Roll Ads After the 20-Second Mark
The move will offer a new revenue stream for publishers, and encourage them to post more premium video to the platform.
Short Cuts
Video: How Targeted Recommendations Drive OTT Engagement
The hottest driver off OTT growth, according to Amazon's Richard Au and Dailymotion's Anthony Layser, is customized, user-specific discovery algorithms, which they explain how to leverage in this clip from Streaming Media West 2016.
Video: How to Reach an Audience in a Blended Content Delivery Ecosystem
Ben Miller of Sinclair Broadcast Group discusses the challenges content companies face in reaching their intended audience in a blended ecosystem where viewers consume content on their own terms.
Industry News
Telestream reports 19th consecutive year of growth including sixth company acquisition in Vidcheck
Build Series Offers Fans An Immersive Experience With Today's Hottest Stars and Influencers in Downtown Manhattan
High-Capacity Server Can Automate Uncompressed Video Playback Within SMPTE 2022-6/7-Compliant Networks
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