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October 10, 2016

Featured Articles
When it Comes to Video Ad-Blockers, Don’t Pity the Publishers
Poor online ad practices infuriated viewers and led to the rise of ad blockers. Now publishers are making the same mistakes all over again with OTT video.
Online Video Advertising Is Broken, and It’s Only Getting Worse
What about the current mess of player types, lack of standards, and constant buffering do video publishers and advertisers think is good?
Benchmarking PCs, Capture Cards, and Software Mixers for HD Capture and Streaming
To determine how powerful a system it takes to produce and deliver live event streams, we tested a range of computers, capture devices, and live streaming programs. Read on for the results.
Online Video News
Roku Introduces Direct Publisher for Code-Free Channel Creation
Publishers can add their content to Roku's cross-app search and discovery system, and have Roku manage all video ad sales.
Google Adds 4K and HDR to Chromecast Ultra, Competes With Roku
The Ultra keeps the Chromecast's compact size, adds 4K, and doubles the price. It's the cheapest 4K option, but will that be enough for shoppers?
Tout Takes $26M in Funding, Will Expand Biz-Dev and Sales
The video syndication service will also grow its efforts internationally, looking to expand its network of 2,800 sites.
Industry News
Vimeo’s Flagship Staff Pick Channel Re-Launched as Year-Round Online Film Festival with Weekly Premieres and New Staff Pick Laurels
Ad-blocker Proof Audience Targeting that Maintains Editorial Standards and User Experience
Global video communication Platform as a Service market to surpass US$ 95 Mn by 2016 end. N America dominates video communication Platform as a Service market.
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