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January 11, 2016

Featured Articles
CES '16: YouTube's 4 Reasons Why Online Video Will Win the Decade
The leading online video network is investing in new technologies, and knows that the future belongs to mobile viewing and virtual reality.
CES '16: The GIVE Project Aims to Push HTML5 Video Forward
An all-star lineup of video powerhouses creates a working group to advance HTML5 video, and announces its intentions in a CES panel.
CES '16: There's Gold in That Recommendation Data, So Mine It
ThinkAnalytics debuts ThinkBigData, a big data platform for understanding and gaining insights from billions of monthly customer data points.
CES '16: Binge-Watching Is Fundamentally Changing TV
With viewers using multiple devices to binge not just on new shows but old ones, the TV landscape is more competitive than ever, say reps from Facebook, Starz, National Geographic, and more.
Online Video News
CES '16: Giraffic Gives a Speed Boost to Live Online HLS Video
Live video is more challenging to deliver than video-on-demand, as the buffer window is smaller. A solution from Giraffic aims to take the freezing and buffering delays out of live.
CES '16: FreeCast Launches SelectTV Set-Top Box
The company that brought you the Rabbit TV aggregation service now offers that service—and more, including a fully functioning PC—in a set-top box due to ship in April.
CES '16: Nagra Shows a Unified Operator/Streaming User Experience
The IntuiTV system lets viewers switch between cable and online services as easily as they change channels. Now Nagra needs to sell it to the operators.
CES '16: Roku Announces UHD Reference Design for TV Partners
Just as the first Roku 4K TVs are introduced, the set-top box specialist releases a spec for creating UHD-enabled televisions.
Industry News
A First-of-its-kind Video Camera That Lets You Edit While You Film
HDR Demonstration on Multiple Platforms Will Accelerate UHD Adoption
4K-Capable System Saves Time and Verifies Performance
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