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September 23, 2015

Featured Articles
Think Streaming 4K Is Years Away? Think Again, Says XI Media
The future of UHD is happening right now. Here's how one production company streamed low-bandwidth 4K live from a South by Southwest music stage.
When Travelers Go Abroad, Online Video Services Don't Follow
Add streaming video to the list of travelers' woes, right behind jetlag and missed connections. The solution is simple, but completely ignored.
NASA Brings the Wonders of the Universe to Online Video
Millions of viewers tune in to NASA-TV to watch launches and learn about our solar system. As one CDN found out, keeping up with NASA's streaming demands can be a difficult mission.
Online Video News
57% of Cable Customers Also Use SVOD Service, Finds Digitalsmiths
Streaming use is high: Over 9 in 10 SVOD subscribers user their accounts weekly, with a third watching between 1 and 5 hours of video.
16% in the U.S. Binge Watch Streamed Video Daily, Says YuMe
Nearly half of survey respondents were likely to binge watch a show to prepare for an upcoming season, while half said it enhanced their TV experience.
Quixel Connect Software Promises 20x Faster YouTube Uploads
The software also speeds videos through YouTube's Content ID system 50x faster, the company says, and drastically reduces power consumption.
Industry News
Six New Accessories Cover Most Commonly Used Ports to Add an External Screen
Tulix has added new features to the company’s already outstanding Live Event Streaming Solution.
LiveXLive and AOL will digitally broadcast 7 days of prestigious global music festival from Rio to the world
World’s Largest Open Video Ecosystem Counters Google Chrome’s “Flash-Pocalypse” To Provide Customers with Uninterrupted Video Monetization
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