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September 21, 2015

Featured Articles
NASA Brings the Wonders of the Universe to Online Video
Millions of viewers tune in to NASA-TV to watch launches and learn about our solar system. As one CDN found out, keeping up with NASA's streaming demands can be a difficult mission.
Is the Alliance for Open Media Taking a Risk in Codec Creation?
In this Q&A with two video IP and technology investment banking professionals, we ask about patent risk, VP 8/9, and the possibility of a third HEVC patent group forming.
Online Video News
Ooyala Report Sees Strong Growth in Mobile Video Views and Ads
Small screens are getting big viewing traffic, while advertisers see mobile devices as an excellent way to reach younger consumers.
ComScore Debuts Xmedia to Measure TV and Online Video Viewing
With Xmedia, advertisers can see how campaigns reach targeted viewers on broadcast, cable, and online video platforms.
Chicago's Netflix Tax Faces Legal Challenge: Chicago Tribune
By enacting a tax on streamed video, audio, and gaming services, the city bypassed a necessary city council vote, the lawsuit argues.
Quixel Connect Software Promises 20x Faster YouTube Uploads
The software also speeds videos through YouTube's Content ID system 50x faster, the company says, and drastically reduces power consumption.
Industry News
The new Amazon Fire TV is 75% more powerful, with best-in-class Wi-Fi, support for Alexa, and 4K Ultra HD—and is still less than $100
Weekly NFL Live Stories on Snapchat throughout the 2015 season
New Raises the Standard in Free Conference Calling
Sony brings HDR compatibility to an expanded range of 4K Ultra HD TVs - enabling vivid, rich colors and a more lifelike picture
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