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July 13, 2015

Featured Articles
Hulu's Move to DASH
The OTT service's Baptiste Coudurier talks about the hard work—and black magic—behind the smooth migration to MPEG-DASH, which now accounts for 75% of its traffic
Authentication Remains a Challenge, and Not Just for Streaming
Broadcast snafus for pay-per-view events show ongoing authentication flaws, but seamless authentication via intelligent request routing might save the day for both broadcast and streaming
HDR Is Here—But Don't Rush Out to Buy a New TV Just Yet
If you enjoyed the Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD standards war, you'll love the competing standards for High Dynamic Range. The rest of us, though, would be wise to wait until things shake out before upgrading to enjoy the undeniably better picture HDR has to offer.
Online Video News
Binge Watching Usually Limited to 2 or 3 Streamed Episodes
Not many viewers sit down for massive 10 episode all-day viewing sessions, finds a Conviva report.
Facebook Announces Ad Revenue Sharing for Major Video Partners
The social network continues to take aim at YouTube, this time enticing handpicked video partners with a percentage of ad revenues.
OTT Service Credential Sharing Costs the Industry $500M in 2015
Young adults especially are likely to use a streaming video service paid for by someone living outside of their household.
Digiboo Provides Travelers With Movies in Only a Minute
An entertainment startup aims to make mobile movie downloads fast and convenient by putting 100 kiosks around the U.S.
Industry News
Innovators integrate MediaMelon QBR™ technology with Media Excel HERO encoders
bitmovin released bitdash 3.0 and enables Apple HLS Streaming in the third major release of bitmovin’s HTML5 and Flash video player. bitdash 3.0 supports Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) natively, which means that the HLS support is not bounded to Apple de
Idomoo also introduces Idomoo Academy, helping customers better leverage the new technology
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