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February 25, 2015

Featured Articles
Endemol Talks Online Brand-Building: Start With Clear Objectives
There are many different tools that media properties could use in online video campaigns, but first they need to be clear about their goals.
Learn the Wrong and Right Ways to Pick Video Management Systems
Why buyers should never fall in love with a video management solution at a trade show, and other tips from Real Story Group.
Post Office Deliveries Now Include Mobile Video to Employees
Before the U.S.P.S. could deliver training videos to its workers, it had to understand how they access remote content.
Online Video News
YouTube to Launch Child-Friendly App for Android Devices
The app will help young viewers find popular series, while letting parents set a timer to control daily viewing time.
YouTube Will Offer Subscription Service for Avoiding Ads
While the experience is currently being fine-tuned, a subscription plan is in the works and will launch in the next few months.
Ooyala Offers Advice on Reaching and Keeping Cord-Cutters
Millennials aren't tied to their TVs or to pay TV services. To attract them, understand what they want and be flexible.
Industry News
Float Left Interactive, a leader in Roku channel development and TV application solutions, and Food Matters a world-leader in the health & wellness space, today announced the launch of FMTV, an on-demand video streaming service dedicated to getting people
Turner’s new multi-screen TV Everywhere service debuted on February 22nd with the streaming of the Academy Awards ceremony
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