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February 09, 2015

Featured Articles
iOgrapher Brings Simple Video Production to Cash-Strapped Schools
With an iPad, an iOgrapher, and a few accessories, schools and even news networks are learning how strong the results of mobile shooting can be.
Sony: First Live 4K Football or Baseball Game Will Be a Milestone
When will viewers finally take notice of the benefits of 4K video? When they can stream a live football or baseball game in glorious ultra-high definition.
How the NFL Diagrams In-House and Remote Video Workflows
When millions of football fans are watching the output, the NFL can't afford to make a mistake. Here's how it tackles the problem of complicated workflows.
Online Video News
Netflix to Launch Service in Japan, First Expansion to Asia
The company will open an office in Tokyo to build relationships with consumer electronics companies and local filmmakers.
Taboola Raises $117M in Series E; Fidelity Leads the Round
The content recommendation company closes its biggest funding round yet, and will expand globally with new personalized experiences.
Akamai Streamed to 800,000 Viewers Per Minute During Super Bowl
NBC and Akamai streamed to 1.3 million concurrent users at peak, but those looking for a rich online experience were disappointed.
Forrester Report on Enterprise Video Platforms Praises Kaltura
The research firm used 24 criteria to score the most significant enterprise video platform providers, ranking them in 3 wave analyses.
Industry News
Industry Leaders from Across the Online Video Ecosystem Convened This Week to Set Working Group Agendas and Advance the Goal to Create the Open Architecture for Streaming Video
Jumptuit Enables Consumers, Through One Interface, to Instantly Access Video From Vimeo, Other Cloud Services and on Devices
World's Most Engaging User Generated Content Coming to Millions of Roku Customers
First-to-market in-line video ad preview technology leverages viewers’ video browsing habits to offer online publishers new revenue opportunities
Vantage Adds Support for New Media and Camera Formats; New Versions of Episode, Wirecast
Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform recognized for its ‘great webcasting player’ and ‘portal and content management capabilities’ in new report
Industry-backed initiative resolves key technology challenges to provide UHD/4K baseband signals over IP
Multiple camera feeds, real-time social media integration and three live streams among the key production initiatives for the live music series
Harmonic's PURE Compression Engine™ Enables Unparalleled Compression and Format Diversity While Delivering Superior Video Quality at Minimum Bandwidth
New Customers Include Airbus, CAE, London Metropolitan Police, Macmillan Publishers and RSM International
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