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December 08, 2014

Featured Articles
It's Elementary: Schools Should Teach Basic Video Literacy
Just as today's workers need to know how to write a clear and effective report, tomorrow's workers will need to know how to present their message on video.
RTMP in the Age of HTTP Video Streaming: Don't Count it Out
Think RTMP is out of date? Despite the ubiquity of HTTP video streaming, there are still use cases where RTMP is the standard.
Online With No Bosses and No Rules: It’s The Anthony Cumia Show
Equipped with a green screen, a NewTek TriCaster, and a love of technology, Anthony Cumia has made the transition from Sirius XM shock jock to online video star.
Online Video News
Kaltura Survey Finds Strong Video Use Inside the Enterprise
Employees in a variety of departments are viewing and creating work-related video, and they're doing so on both desktops and mobile devices.
JW Player Releases 6.11 Update, Focuses on HLS Performance
By upgrading HLS to the current Apple standard, JW Player gains new features such as multiple audio track support.
Live TV Viewing Is Down, Streaming Is Up, Says Nielsen Report
Americans are watching less live television, while viewing more streamed video. The numbers aren't complete, but still show a trend.
Industry News
The first self-serve software for automated buying of TV ads spans over 80 cable networks and hundreds of local broadcasters, reaching over 90% of American households
New Platform Provides Video Service Providers Unprecedented Analytics to Increase Customer Engagement, ARPU and Satisfaction
Gives Customers Highly Relevant, Meaningful and Emotional Experiences
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