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December 15, 2014

Featured Articles
Found in Translation: How to Stream Video in Multiple Languages
Reach out to an international audience. Here are video translation steps to follow for strong results, as well as expert tips for high quality.
Four More Ways Streaming Quality Must Improve to Compete With TV
Viewers aren't seeing 50 shades of gray because streaming video color calibration is outdated. Here's what else needs to impove.
3 Essential Tools to Own When Comparing Video Encoding Quality
When an encoding job is highly demanding, it takes powerful gear to create and judge all the files. Here are the right tools for the job.
Online Video News
HBO Signs With MLB Advanced Media for Streaming, Causes Firestorm
Longtime HBO CTO Otto Berkes resigned the company after his internal streaming platform was shut down.
Amazon Introduces 4K Video Streaming, But Only for Newer 4K TVs
Netflix is no longer the only option for 4K streaming. Amazon Prime members can view 4K for no additional cost.
Envivio Adds Service-Oriented Video Monitoring Option to Guru
By detailing trouble spots based on the services impacted, rather than the equipment involved, Guru helps companies prioritize.
Industry News
Polaris Play Automation Software Offers Rich Application Toolbox for Scheduled and Live Playout in Channel-in-a-Box Environments
A Grab-and-Go Solution, Newest Member of Company's Industry-Leading LIVE+ Platform Is Dependable and Easy to Use
Video views from 900 million unique viewers on JW Player grew 50 percent faster than Facebook, with 13 billion monthly streams – more than the top 100 YouTube channels combined
Develops Dynamic Player Technology (DPT) For Publishers To Target Consumers with Video Delivery Strategies Through Geo-Location, Licensing, and Device Data
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