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May 28, 2014

Featured Articles
The ROI of Enterprise Webcasting: Justifying the Expense
Cost savings, new revenue opportunities, and extended reach all come into play when determining whether or not webcasting is worth the investment.
An Image Consultant Gives Fashion Advice to Google Glass
If Google isn't careful, Glass could turn into the next Segway: Massively hyped technology that makes the user look like a dork.
Review: Vidizmo EnterpriseTube
Looking for a corporate YouTube, an internal system to organize and stream company videos? This review tests the core features of EnterpriseTube's premium version.
Online Video News
April Video Rankings: Unique Viewers Drop Slightly to 186M
Google, Facebook, and AOL top the content video list, while BrightRoll, Specific Media, and LiveRail top the list for ads.
Anatomy of a Viral Video: The First Days Are the Most Important
Unruly Media says that 42 percent of the social sharing activity that a branded online video will get happens in the first three days.
VBrick Revs Up Video Webcasting Platform at Streaming Media East
Responding to the need for large-scale enterprise video solutions, VBrick debuts VBrick Rev, a portal for live and on-demand video.
Industry News
Latest Release Features Optimized Metadata Search, Distribution to Internet Audiences through Haivision Video Cloud, and Integration with Third-Party Control Systems
New capabilities simplify workflows, improve quality, and further reduce production costs for customers
The addition of BlueKai's 3rd-party data provides additional targeting parameters
Real-Time CRM Technology Enables Advertisers to Onboard their Offline Data to Create Addressable Online Audiences Through MatchPoint
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