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May 05, 2014

Featured Articles
Use Google Glass to Create Enterprise Video: Here's How
Here are step-by-step instructions for creating quick hands-on videos with Google Glass and sharing them internally on various platforms.
How Lowe’s and Vine Build Social Video Success
When companies are creative, six seconds is enough time to inform, entertain, and engage an audience. Here's how Lowe's constructs must-watch Vine videos.
How to Build a Multiscreen Online Video Workflow
It's important to think ahead when preparing content for different screens in different environments. Read on for best practices from experts.
Online Video News
Digitas Signs Agreements with BuzzFeed and Epic Digital
The conversation was about failure, fearlessness, and big marketing moves at the seventh annual Digitas NewFront.
YouTube Brass Pitch Google Preferred at Brandcast
Advertisers can zero in on the good stuff with Google Preferred, buying ads on the top five percent of YouTube's inventory. Plus, that buy now comes with a guarantee.
Binge Viewers Are Happier, Would Pay More for Access: Survey
Miner & Co. finds that binge viewers are more likely to upgrade their pay TV and watch commercials, but less likely to bathe.
Netflix and Verizon Sign Interconnection Deal
To improve streaming performance to subscribers Netflix signs an agreement with Verizon, but says it shouldn't have to.
AOL Offers a Parade of Stars and Inspirational Series at NewFront
In an online first, AOL is working with Nielsen to offer online video ratings that are comparable to those used by television shows.
Industry News
castLabs and VUDU collaborate to bring VUDU's collection of video entertainment to Google's Chromecast.
First accredited webinar in series sets record attendance
Award program recognizes Mediasite users for revolutionizing video in their organizations
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