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February 26, 2014

Featured Articles
Why the Comcast-Netflix Deal Is a Win for Consumers
There's more misinformation being written about this agreement than actual information. Lazy tech sites need to understand: It's not about net neutrality!
In Defense of MPEG LA
Patent pool organization MPEG LA continues to come under fire from the likes of Steve Forbes, but most of the criticism is based on false premises and ignores innovators' right to generate revenue from their work and investments
First Look: Wowza Streaming Engine 4
Expect big changes from the renamed Wowza Media Server, which now offers a GUI. Both first-timers and power users will be happy about it.
Online Video News
January Video Rankings: Views Are Down, SpotXChange Jumps Up
Video views took a tumble this cold January, but that could simply reflect changes in how and where people stream content.
AOL Predicts the End of Pre-Rolls, the Rise of Branded Video
Pre-roll ad impressions are shooting up, but one AOL exec thinks the format is on the way out. Instead, brands will have to create their own content.
Ericsson Brings Global CDN Partners to Media Delivery Network
Limelight, CDNetworks, and ChinaCache work with Ericsson to bring global network efficiency to operator networks.
Industry News
Leading global provider of cloud services for video to support content encryption and licensing
HERO HEVC Live Encoder delivers bitrates 50 percent lower than AVC, while maintaining exceptional video quality
Audible Magic’s ACR Technology Included in Intel INDE Media Pack for Android
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