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January 27, 2014

Featured Articles
Hulu: All Our Google Chromecast Streaming Uses MPEG-DASH
DASH is in place today, Hulu says; HEVC will need to wait until there's hardware support on mobile devices to prevent battery drain.
LiveRail: Super Bowl Driving Huge Demand for Online Video Ads
Sports, entertainment, and music sites are benefiting as brands look to stream their commercials pre- and post-Super Bowl.
NYU: Professors Need Guidance Adding Video to Lesson Plans
Colleges and universities have been slow to adopt online video technology, but it's finally here. Now they're figuring out how to use it.
Online Video News
Netflix Considering New Price Plans for Streaming
The SVOD leader might add plans for SD and HD content, but says current subscribers will be grandfathered to their existing options.
AllDigital CMS Gains Iris.TV Video Recommendations
The combined system is designed to create a TV-like experience, increasing viewing time as well as targeted video ad delivery.
Industry News
Companies to Deliver Live and On-Demand Video Before, During and After the 56th Annual Grammy Awards
Conviva’s Intelligent Control Platform Processes More than 45 Billion Streams in 2013
IVA metadata and ThinkAnalytics’ Recommendations Engine expand personalized content recommendations worldwide
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