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November 04, 2013

Featured Articles
Google Glass and the Future of Second Screening and TV News
Beginning next week CNN is to expand its Google Glass experiment by integrating citizen journalist service iReport with its existing Google Glass News Alerts. In Europe, TDF Media Services sees potential in the device for second second TV apps.
How to Create Google+ Hangouts On Air: A Complete Walkthrough
While producing a Google+ Hangout is easy, pulling in participants and keeping them engaged demands making many smart choices. Here's everything a Google+ host needs to know.
How to Choose an Enterprise-Class Video Encoder
Unsure how to choose an enterprise encoder — or even what at enterprise encoder is? This conference session will help you narrow your choices.
Online Video News
Senate Approves Wheeler, O'Rielly to FCC Posts
Sen. Ted Cruz lifted his hold on the Wheeler nomination after receiving assurance that a proposal to modify disclosure around political ads would not be a priority for the commission
Cisco Open Sources H.264 for WebRTC
The announcement looks like a game-changer for WebRTC, but what does it mean for HTML5 playback in web browsers? Experts from Cisco and Mozilla provide the answers.
DirecTV, TWC, and Charter Reportedly Learning from Aereo
The moment broadcasters have been dreading is getting close: If Aereo doesn't have to pay retransmission fees, why should anyone?
Industry News
Small community college serves 18,000 square-mile area, uses live webcasts to create flex courses
First Server-to-Server Integration with TV-centric Planning and Buying Platform Sets New Bar for Data-driven Cross Screen Advertising
thePlatform’s mpx System to Manage Online Videos for Leading Sports Federations, including the International Rugby Board (IRB) and other ESM clients.
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