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July 17, 2013

Featured Articles
MPEG-DASH: Making Tracks Toward Widespread Adoption
Despite all the hype, the move to embrace MPEG-DASH and the DASH264 spec has been slow-going. We look at the history of DASH and the roadblocks it faces moving forward.
For UltraHD Streaming, Studios Need to Forge a Desperate Alliance
Consumers will never go for 4K video that stumbles on the last mile. Here's what the major studios can do about it.
Online Video News
Video Ad Spending to Increase, But Barriers Remain: Rocket Fuel
Before they transfer TV ad dollars to online, advertisers need to be sure their clients will reach a comparable audience.
Videology Platform Unifies TV and Online Video Ad Buying
Dubbed "Descartes," the platform helps advertisers find the best mix of reserved and non-reserved media buys.
Beachfront Media Debuts Video SDKs for iOS and Android
Simplifying video app creation, Beachfront offers tools for adding and monetizing videos from a variety of sources.
Adobe Announces Availability of Anywhere for Video
Premiere CC and Prelude CC subscribers can now work collaboratively with team members across the country.
Industry News
Affordable Encoder Card or Standalone Unit Enable High Density and Mobile IPTV Systems for Broadcast, Education, Enterprise, and PEG Applications
Chipset Will Enable Android-based Mobile Devices and Digital TV Products
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