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December 21, 2011

Featured Articles
Logitech Updates the Revue (Sort Of)
The long-awaited firmware update eliminates basic features from the Google TV 2.0 feature set. Why is Logitech hamstringing its own device?
WTF Is Marc Maron Up To?
The amazing true story of how a desperate, down-on-his-luck comic created a breakout hit, star-studded podcast. From his garage.
Google TV Aims to 'Make it Delightful' with 2.0 Release
Speaking at the Streaming Media West conference, a Google TV rep explains how the new platform is more friendly to developers.
AEG Digital Media Looks for Universal Format
The perfect solution is a year or two away, concludes Streaming Media West panel.
Online Video News
H.264 Continues to Expand Lead for HTML5 Playback, Says MeFeedia
Rivals WebM and Ogg Theora show little change, as H.264 increases its HTML5 advantage.
ZappoTV Announces 2.0 Version of iPad and iPhone App
App lets viewers discover content on their mobile devices, then stream it on supported connected TVs.
Apple Set to Revolutionize Smart TV Market, Predicts Analyst
Far from a fizzle, an Apple TV could be just what the connected TV market needs to take off. It's all about the content, says one analyst.
Industry News
Other Major Awards Include “Best Cloud Encoding/Transcoding Service” for Company’s New Squeeze Cloud, “Best Encoding Software Under $1,000” for Sorenson Squeeze; Place on Streaming Media 100 List of Most Influential Online Video Companies Sorenson Medi
Financing Will Accelerate Growth and Enhance Jun Group's Leadership Position in the Quickly-Expanding Social Video Marketplace
Troy Snyder, Vice President of Ecosystem and Executive Producer for Akamai, will provide strategic oversight and direction of new digital media platforms for Abacast.
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