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December 14, 2011

Featured Articles
Many Homegrown HTML5 Solutions Are Already Broken
A webinar offers background on HTML5 video and a plan for the future.
DRM Is Dead
DRM has no protective value. It's time to stop using it and seek out other ways to monetize online audio and video.
Online Video News
Microsoft Silverlight Turns 5 (But Will there Be a 6?)
Microsoft launches Silverlight 5, keeping a promise for GPU decoding and equality for browser-based applications
Online Video Traffic Will Be Higher than Expected, Says Skytide
Strong online video demand will lead to a capacity crunch in 2012, predicts report.
BitTorrent Releases µTorrent Plus, First Paid Version of Client
Subscription client solves the problem of transcoding files for use on mobile devices.
TV Service FreeCast Offers Facebook App
FreeCast directs viewers to streaming video and music, and it's now onboard with the largest social network.
Industry News
Financing Will Accelerate Growth and Enhance Jun Group's Leadership Position in the Quickly-Expanding Social Video Marketplace
Troy Snyder, Vice President of Ecosystem and Executive Producer for Akamai, will provide strategic oversight and direction of new digital media platforms for Abacast.
Pipeline video capture and new Replay multichannel video player enable instant race analysis
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