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September 19, 2011

Featured Articles
Facebook Not Getting Into Content Creation, Says IBC Keynote
The social networking giant wants to connect its members with video creators, rather than making its own programs.
Online Video News
Mushroom Networks' Portable Streamer Sends Any Video Source To a Content Delivery Network
Unlike other so-called "cellular multiplexers," the Streamer takes a video feed via Ethernet and sends to the CDN of your choice
comScore Can Now Show Audience Duplication in Video Ad Campaigns
Are ad campaigns on similar sites reaching new viewers or is there significant overlap? Two comScore reports have the answer.
Justin Bieber Kicks out Rihanna; Kim Kardashian Comes on Strong
Vuclip's top ten mobile video searches for August reflect pop culture trends and celebs. and TRA Offer Insights for Online Video Advertisers
Partnership allows brands to augment their broadcast campaigns with online video ads.
LiveU Shrinks Its Newest Model
Despite its decidedly unsexy name, the LiveU LU40i offers very exciting new capabilities, including a rich array of Layer 2 interfaces
Industry News
The Mobile Device Module from Eyepartner plays high quality video on ALL mobile devices including iPhones and Android smartphones without a software download
Online video experts provide specialized consulting service to corporate clients.
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