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May 30, 2011

Featured Articles
CDN Interconnection Is Coming; Here's How to Overcome the Hurdles
A Content Delivery Summit panel looks at the challenges facing CDN interoperability and finds it's like the early days of the Internet all over again.
CDNs and Cloud Computing: Converging, But Still Distinct
CDNs were some of the first cloud computing services, but in the customers' minds, CDNs are still distinct from the cloud. This panel from the Content Delivery Summit addresses the convergence of the two models, as well as the pros and cons of each approach.
Compare the Apple TV, Boxee Box, Roku, and More with Free Chart
Free downloadable chart lets shoppers compare 13 popular broadband-enabled streaming devices.
Get Your Video on the iPad, iPhone, and Android Devices
A Streaming Media East panel looks at all the challenges—from encoding to monetization—that organizations face in getting their video content onto iOS, Android, and other mobile devices
Enterprise Video Enters Phase Two
Large organizations already have video content systems in place, and now have to deal with how to grow and manage those systems.
Schools and Colleges Are Learning from Online Video
Streaming video is having a great impact on education, for both younger and older learners.
Transcoding: In-House or In the Cloud?
It's the great transcoding debate: Do it in-house, or enlist a cloud-based service to do it for you? This Streaming Media East panel addresses the pros and cons of both approaches.
Online Video News
Wowza Denies Adobe's Allegations of Patent Infringement
Wowza calls Adobe's claims of patent infringement, unfair competition, and false advertising "unfounded and spurious" in a response filed yesterday in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California
Multimedia Research Group Adds Rankings to IPTV Market Report
RankTracker system monitors over 100 IPTV vendors, offering regional and global rankings.
Video Search Engine Blinkx Debuts Roku App
Free app offers video search, as well as four editorially-chosen content channels.
Avaya and Glowpoint Partner to Add Managed Services to Video
By working together, the companies will offer enhanced business communication and collaboration tools.
Industry News
Technology strategist and Listening to the Future author Daniel W. Rasmus will present a free webinar on June 1 (sponsored by MediaPlatform) to discuss the potential for online video to serve as the all-important medium for this transfer of knowledge and
Already adopted by more than 120,000 websites, Kaltura aims to accelerate adoption of its popular video platform to millions of additional websites through its global partners.
Conduit Slashes Infrastructure Costs by 20%
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