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April 04, 2011

Featured Articles
Amazon's Cloud Player Beats Apple to the Streaming Punch
While Apple's MobileMe languishes and iTunes music streaming remains but a music-lover's wish, Amazon's new cloud-based music and storage service offers an iTunes alternative for the web and Android devices
Online Video News
Jilion Commercializes Cloud-based HTML5 Video Player Service
Sleek HTML5 player delivers videos on a range of platforms and devices and is easy to implement.
Sony Turns to Thought Equity Motion for Metadata Management
Fine-grained metadata is the key to turning an existing library into interactive new products and features.
Adobe to Bring Flash Access to Mobile Devices
Adobe's Flash Access DRM solution is coming to Android tablets and other mobile platforms later this year
Crackle Brings Free, Ad-Supported Movies to PS3, Roku, More
Streaming library gives a welcome free option to those using connected TVs and set-top boxes.
Industry News
Vantage, FlipFactory and Episode Engine are the industry’s first video transcoding solutions for Windows Server OS to offer encoding to ProRes
Joins Exclusive List of Advertising Services Providers For the Facebook Platform
Good quality online video is as essential as the air we breathe. The new vzaar tools hub section enables web video viewers to use the Online Video Speed Test to figure out how high of quality of videos they will be able to watch on their office or home c
New dual-channel models of StreamZ and StreamZHD encoding systems, StreamZHD Live ABR adaptive streaming encoder and Flux cards capture and encode two distinct sources concurrently.
Unique SAMMA(R) Products Perform High-Volume, Semi-Automated Migration of Media Content From Videotape to Digital Formats
Elemental Server to provide faster-than-real-time video encoding for file-based delivery of PBS broadcast content via the RadiantGrid Platform
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