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January 05, 2011

Featured Articles
CES Warm-Up: Whither Google TV?
In advance of this week's Consumer Electronics Show, expectations and rumors about about Google's nascent set-top box platform
Streaming Spotlight: Peter Scott, Turner Sports
The VP of emerging media for Turner Sports talks about the network's delivery of the PGA Championship online, as well as the benefits of HTTP streaming and the implications of HTML5 video
Review: Microsoft Expression Encoder 4
Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 offers the ability to inexpensively adaptively distribute to Apple iDevices, and does so admirably
Adaptive Streaming in the Field
How do organizations like MTV, Turner, NBC, Deutsche Welle, Harvard, and Indiana University actually deploy adaptive streaming technologies? Read on for all the juicy details.
Bringing Five Alive: Best Practices for HTML5 Video Deployment
A look at best practices for HTML5 Video deployment
Online Video News
TV Remotes Soon to Have Netflix Button
Connected TVs, Blu-ray disc players, and set-top boxes to feature the one-click option.
Industry News
Media-as-a-Service 4.0 Provides Streamlined Workflows and Real-Time Analytics for Mobile Content
• Company also Cites 30 Percent Growth in Number of Team Members as Indication of Demand for Products and Services
• Additional Major Milestones Include the Launch of the Company’s Cloud-Based Enterprise Transcoding Solution and New World-Class En
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