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James Careless

James Careless is a freelance technology writer whose work has appeared in RadioWorld, TVTechnology, and elsewhere.

Articles By James Careless

Online Video Advertising: What Works and What Fails

2013 looks to be a strong year in online video advertising, with interactivity and targeting as the keys to success. But be careful, because one size does not fit all.
Featured Articles, Posted 17 Apr 2013

Case Study: Bringing Passion 2013 to the Faithful Took an Army

Live streaming an event of biblical proportions -- Passion 2013, a four-day Christian conference and concert -- took massive preparation.
Featured Articles, Posted 15 Apr 2013

The State of Enterprise Video 2013

Video is transforming the enterprise, with ease of production, distribution, and access making it an ideal form of communication.
Featured Articles, Posted 01 Mar 2013

The State of Online Video Advertising 2013

Online video advertising is taking in more money, but isn't growing as a percentage of total online advertising. What will it take for video ads to break out?
Featured Articles, Posted 28 Feb 2013

Livestream to Bring Times Square New Year’s Eve to the World

Offering over six hours of live coverage, Livestream promises behind-the-scenes access that the networks don't offer.
Online Video News, Posted 26 Dec 2012

Home Streaming Devices Buying Guide (and Gift Guide!)

Heading out to the mall one last time? Before you go, learn which devices people do and definitely don't want to find under the tree.
Featured Articles, Posted 21 Dec 2012

Streaming Media Predictions: What's in Store for 2013

To find out what's in, what's out, and what's new for the year ahead, we surveyed 11 industry leaders. Here's what they told us.
Featured Articles, Posted 19 Dec 2012

Canada's Bell Media Revamping Dated

Get ready for, a personality-driven lifestyle site targeted to a younger female reader.
Online Video News, Posted 27 Nov 2012

Superstorm Sandy a Watershed for Online News Coverage

When the storm hit and the power went out, broadcast and online news organizations took their cues from connected viewers.
Featured Articles, Posted 13 Nov 2012

Total Webcasting: An Up-and-Comer Whose Time Has Come

After a slow start, business is booming at Total Webcasting, which delivers multi-camera live streams of major events.
Featured Articles, Posted 09 Oct 2012

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