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Content Providers Should Think Mobile First to Reach Millennials
As they head away to college, many young adults aren't taking TVs with them. They are, however, bringing plenty of smart phones and tablets.
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Desktop and notebook video viewing is still the norm, but mobile viewing is growing at a fast rate. Content providers need to change their mindset, stated Joanne Waage, senior vice president of business development and programming for MobiTV, and put the mobile viewer first.

"I think that you have to be where people are, and you have to make a product that services the different screens based on what the expectation from that screen is. However, thinking mobile first is wise and becoming wiser," Waage said. "In terms of video the entrenched ecosystem is big screen first. Obviously in our business we do believe in mobile first. We believe that almost everyone over the age of 12 in this country has their own mobile device and they're doing things with those that include not just calling, but also video and games and everything else."

Putting mobile first especially makes sense for companies targeting young adults, who often don't own a television.

"Millennials really are untethered. They are moving to college. They don't have their own TV necessarily so they're watching on computers and tablets. They don't see TV as something that's absolutely necessary," Waage added. "We've been following what Dish is doing and the deal with Disney. They're looking at a service that will target these untethered subscribers with a lower rate."

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The Economics of Mobile Video: Building a Profitable Business

Delivering premium content to mobile devices has moved from sideshow to the main event. Publishers and broadcasters are now tasked with making streaming profitable on all screens, which involves a lot of complexity. From the expense of creating a high-quality experience for multiple devices and platforms, to the complexities of transcoding, ad insertion and measurement, monetizing mobile video remains challenging. This session will discuss which approaches are working in the market, what type of content consumers are viewing, how big of an opportunity mobile is to premium content owners and how they can build an effective mobile video strategy.

Moderator: Simon Jones, Director, Product Marketing, Ooyala

Speaker: Mike McLeod, Senior Manager, Advertising Technology & Products, PGA TOUR Digital

Speaker: Ben El-Baz, Global Product Marketing Manager, Allwinner Technology

Speaker: Joanne Waage, Sr. VP of Business Development and Programming, MobiTV

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