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Sovee: View from the Top 2013

At Sovee, we have passion for exciting innovation. Our focus for 2014 centers around these important trends:

1. The not-yet common standard – solved.

While there is some move toward adoption of a common file format, it’s not likely a reality for 2014.

So Sovee’s development team has created a brilliant interim solution that solves the issues that MPEG-DASH and HLS-265 were meant to address. It’s a low-bit rate, dramatic compression and transcoding solution that takes video to virtually any device, browser and bandwidth, with a single embed code and no loss in quality.

2. The new “where and who” of mobile

Last year, the focus was on the growth in consumers watching video on mobile. In 2014, the focus grows more global. In fact, the four regions experiencing the highest compound annual growth rate in mobile technology are:

• The Middle East (77%)

• Africa (77%)

• Asia Pacific (76%)

• Latin America (67%)

As customers put their money where the mobile is, Sovee is ahead of the curve. We have developed Smart Engines for many of the languages in these markets, from Afrikaans to Arabic to Azerbaijani, with more than 50 languages available.

3. The mother-in-law or the donkey

In 2013, video providers rushed to get content translated only to learn that quick-dub solutions – which sounded too good to be true – were just that. Translation without context can be disastrous.

For example, the word for “mother-in-law” in Korean can be easily translated to mean “donkey.” That’s a problem. So Sovee combines Intelligent Innovation with native speaking translators, so your video messaging is never lost in translation.

Above all, Sovee’s focus is on delighting our clients. Find out why our customers have a passion for working with Sovee.

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